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Discover your best whole body cryo practice!

Do you work with whole body cryo in practice or are you planning to do so? Optimize your clinical decision to trigger the best results in a safe way for your athletes, clients or patients, now. Learn all about applying whole body cryo in practice via this online-accredited course.

Learn all about the art of cryo in practice and

become personally certified

PART 1 – Operator Course

This first part of the course focuses on the physiological principles, the indications, symptoms of adverse events, the right protocol settings, factors that have a significant impact on the outcome, and guidelines about how to help your client more optimally.

art of cryo certification

The first part of the course is finished with a short, no-pressure exam of 10 questions (retakes allowed). When scoring eight or more out of 10, you will receive your certificate and become a certified artofcryo® operator! You also will automatically receive a link for the second part of the course.

Part 2 – Expert Course

In the case you want to take in one step further, you can continue with part -2. One chapter is specifically about physiology and in-depth working mechanisms, and one chapter clarifies the research findings that support the claims around the benefits for whole-body cryo.

Become a certified art of cryo operator and expert

Learn how to apply whole body cryo, in a safe tailor-made manner

Upon completing and receiving your certificate, you will automatically enroll in part-2 to take a deeper dive into the physiology and research.