A world-famous stud farm commissioned Art of Cryo to develop and build a high performance cryo chamber, in which two horses can be treated with a temperature of -110 degrees Celsius and prepared for competitions at the same time.

As the most experienced manufacturer for special projects in the area of cryo technology, Art of Cryo developed a high performance cryo chamber in XXL. To reach the necessary performance every one-horse chamber receives their own high performance cryo unit. The whole body cryo therapy for horses does not only bring the advantage of faster regeneration and relaxation after races, it also positively affects the health and well-being of the animals. Because of the cryo therapy in the special cryo chambers the horses are more even-tempered and the preservation of their health makes it possible to use them longer for breeding. For owners, horses and riders cryo therapy is a big step forward in animal welfare in equine sport.

The highly modern cryo technology by Art of Cryo makes it possible for humans and animals to experience a stress-free, soothing and successful whole body cryo therapy in the electronic high performance cryo chambers.

Horses already using cryo therapy as part of their training program have shown that cryo therapy has a soothing effect on them. They go through their cryo applications without any signs of stress or pain.