Whole body cryotherapy is on the rise in cryo centers, beauty, fitness, health and wellness. As the market gets more mature, final customers start realizing the difference between show-cased and real temperatures by comparing the offers of different operators – the time for high-performance solutions.

Art of Cryo is proud to collaborate with the very selective leading natural bed producer from Austria. Samina® (www.samina.com) is known for its outstanding quality, use of natural materials, unique inclined and grounded sleeping surfaces. Samina has a strictly evidence-based approach in the development of its sleep solutions, manifested for example with the Freely-Suspended, Double-Sided SAMINA Slats.

Samina has a view at the bigger picture, the pioneer in building concepts within the Samina Sleep-Healthy-Philosophy for a better rest, being convinced that a healthy sleep is the basis for our health and well-being.

Prof. Dr. Amann, founder of Samina, is convinced that whole body cryo is a megatrend that correlates strongly with a better sleep and directly founded Samina-Cool.

Prof. Amann sees “cold medicine” spreading in the areas of wellness, integrative medicine, rehabilitation, psychotherapy, pain therapy, sports therapy, etc. cold therapy is a well-known natural remedy with a high potential for action on body, soul, and spirit. Only high performance cryo chambers offer an ingenious way to use the cold medicine in a very simple and time-saving manner. More than 50 areas of application – from sleep disorders, rheumatism, arthritis, pain syndromes, inflammation, anxiety, depression, psychosomatic disorders to numerous chronic health disorders – show the enormous potential of the “cold-medicine”. After only a few weeks of operation, Samina-Cool already plans the opening of further locations.