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We named our cryo chamber ‘Vaultz’ because great treasures are kept in vaults, and the Vaultz holds the keys to our greatest treasure: our physical and mental well-being. Vaultz are a safe, effective and luxurious alternative to an ordinary cryo chamber. With Vaultz, you can jumpstart your well-being, and feel better in minutes. Much like the pole vaulters at the Olympics, we plan to reach new heights and distances, together with our customers and partners.

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single Vaultz are single room systems. The V1 is an entry-level model for private households, spa suites and operators with low customer frequency. The V1 lux is the professional version with more power and features. The V1 lux pro2 and V1 lux pro3 are designed for two or three guests.

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vario Vaultz are professional systems, developed for permanent use. In addition to the actual -110 ° C treatment room, vario Vaultz also have one or more ‘pre-rooms’ to ease the guests into the cold. The V2 has one pre-room set at -60 ° C, while the V3 and V3 corner each have two rooms, one at -10 ° C and one at -60 ° C. The vario Vaultz are used in the areas of health and prevention, sports, fitness and leisure, spa and wellness, beauty, lifestyle, corporate health and as a luxury treatment in very distinguished private villas.

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unical Vaultz are bespoke individual solutions, tailored to the special needs of our customers and for real cryo fans.

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All you need to operate a Vaultz is a suitable installation site with electricity and an internet connection. If the climate is very warm, or if it is not possible to install the condenser as an outdoor unit, we can also install a water-cooled condenser which is integrated in the machine. We are happy to help!
To ensure a smooth start to your Vaultz, your first annual license for the ProCare user software, user training and certification is included.


To set up your Vaultz, you will need a machine room, a suitable location and, if necessary, an outdoor condenser. In addition, corresponding pipes and cables are provided to connect the individual elements.

Vaultz control unit

Single Vaultz are controlled via a chic Microsoft Surface tablet, which is either wall-mounted or installed flush into the wall. Vario Vaultz & unical Vaultz have a carbon unit, designed by Antonio Capristo, with a large 22-inch touchscreen, where you can also have live video from within the Vaultz to monitor your guests or take photos for their Instagram accounts. All controls and relevant technical data are displayed on the touchscreen, and during the session, guests and accompanying personnel communicate to the operator outside via an intercom. Music, photo and video functions enhance the experience and, if desired, record the Vaultz experience.

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The difference between Vaultz, cryosaunas,
ice saunas & other cryotherapy treatments

Many cryotherapy treatments claim to be whole-body treatments, but these tubes that you step into mean that the head is not exposed to the cold air, making them, in effect, partial-body cryo. Two major studies have shown the differences between this partial-body cryo and true whole-body cryo like you will experience with the Vaultz. It’s clear that if the head is not exposed to cryotherapy, the treatment is not as effective. Additionally, while many of these partial-body cryo treatments claim to reach temperatures of -160 ° C , these studies show that the skin surface temperatures in these partial-body cryo treatments do not reach the levels that they do with the real -110 ° C room temperature, as much of the cold air escapes through the unsealed equipment. This is why we refer to “real -110° C room temperature,” which is the best and most effective cryotherapy treatment available.

Partial body cryo unequal whole body cryo

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Real room temperatures are so important

2. Julien Louis, Karine Schaal, François Bieuzen, Yann Le Meur, Jean-Robert Filliard, Marielle Volondat, Jeanick Brisswalter, Christophe Hausswirth. Head Exposure to Cold during Whole-BodyCryostimulation: Influence on Thermal Response and Autonomic Modulation. PLOS ONE | DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0124776 April 27, (2015)