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Art of Cryo: The future of whole body cryo therapy

Our electrical high performance cryo chambers achieve real room temperatures of -75°C, -85°C or -110°C. All products are TÜV-certified. 

The purchase of a cryo chamber starts with the conception, the development of a business model or the addition to an already existing business. We will gladly support you in the execution of your cryo chamber project with our selection of models and over 30 years of experience:  

  • We offer financing and leasing possibilities for our cryo chambers.
  • On request, we will visit you and plan the perfect location with you.
  • We advise you regarding the integration of your cryo chamber into your premises.
  • You will have access to our online marketing tools before opening, so we can guarantee you the best possible start into cryo therapy.

30 years of technical know-how. Designed & Manufactured by Art of Cryo motherhouse L&R-Kältetechnik.


Made in Germany.


Art of Cryo: Vaultz cryo chamber

Electrical cryo chamber

You will find our high performance cryo chambers in luxury hotels, cryo chamber centers, in beauty and cosmetic institutes, in clinics, doctor’s offices and many more. Our powerful refrigeration units guarantee stable sub-zero temperatures for use in the application areas health, sport, wellness and beauty, and lifestyle.

Meaningful sub-zero temperatures always refer to the temperature in the application room.

Contact us for more information about our cryo chambers and their benefits.

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Art of Cryo is a part of L&R Kältetechnik GmbH / Co.KG with over 30 years of cold experience, sitting in Sundern (NRW), Germany. Transparency is our number one priority as a long-standing family business. That’s why you can always book an appointment and have a tour of our production facility. We look forward to your visit!

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