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Custom made cryotherapy chambers

With unical Vaultz we offer you custom made solutions for high performance cryotherapy chambers. Our cryotherapy chamber special solutions are in operation worldwide. Professional sport to Olympia to equestrian sports – our cryo chambers reliably ensure application success.

Contact us and we execute your concept together.

30 years of technical know-how.
Designed & Manufactured by Art Of Cryo.

Made in Germany.

High-performance cryotherapy chamber in equestrian sports  

Art of Cryo was commissioned by a world-famous stud farm to build an electric high-performance cryotherapy chamber for horses. At temperatures of -110°C, two horses should be able to be treated simultaneously.

The cryotherapy should increase the horses’ performance, speed up regeneration and maintain their health. This could not only increase performance in equestrian sports, the horses could also be used for breeding for longer.

Cold can have a positive effect on the health of horses. This is already proven by the use of cooling ointments and gels, the horse shower, as well as the use of cold for laminitis and tumours. By using an electric whole-body cryotherapy chamber, a more effective type of cold could now be used on horses.


Mobile high-performance cryotherapy chamber

Art of Cryo has developed a special solution to make all cryotherapy chamber models mobile and transportable.

This can be a single or multi-room chamber solution for a container or a luxury version for a truck trailer. An entire treatment room unit can be installed there.

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