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Here you can find the latest studies on cryotherapy in whole body cryotherapy

Cryotherapy studies for whole body cryotherapy

Medical studies on whole body cryotherapy

Numerous “studies” and application observations have already been carried out worldwide on a wide variety of diseases. Nevertheless, many areas of application and fields of application remain unexplored to this day.

We have created a cryotherapy study archive for you over the last 10 years. We are constantly expanding and updating this collection of cryotherapy studies in the field of whole-body cryotherapy.

We are currently working with an international team of cryotherapy experts to archive and evaluate the cryotherapy research published to date in the field of whole body cryotherapy (WBC). Relevant and significant studies will be translated by us into German, English and Spanish and made available to all those interested in cryotherapy, cryotherapy chamber operators, customers and patients.

For this purpose, we are currently working on the development and programming of a cryotherapy online archive with various features to make the archived and processed studies easily accessible to everyone. In this way, even non-specialists such as patients and clients will be able to get an uncomplicated and direct overview of the mode of action of cryotherapy, the results of the studies in the various areas of application of cryotherapy and the possible areas of application of cryotherapy.

Our online archive will of course be made available for free use. 

We will open this online archive in December 2021.

Until December, we will be happy to provide a collection of studies from our extensive archive on request, as well as specific application observations and studies.

In the meantime, if you are interested, you can request the studies from us via the contact form:


Here are some studies on cryotherapy:

  • Miller, E. Effect of whole body cryotherapy on uric acid concentration in plasma of multiple sclerosis patients. (2011).
  • Reduzierung des Arzneimittelverbrauchs nach Ganzkörperkältetherapie (GKKT) bei -110°C – Prof. Dr. sc. med. Winfried Papenfuss (August 2010)
  • Fonda, B. & Sarabon, N. Effects of whole-body cryotherapy on recovery after hamstring damaging exercise: a crossover study. (2013).
  • Bettoni, L. et al. Effects of 15 consecutive cryotherapy sessions on the clinical output of fibromyalgic patients. (2013)