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The best cryotherapy results can only be achieved with real, reliable and even temperatures that reach the entire body. This is only possible with reliable technology.

The parent company of has been building the most reliable products for whole-body cooling for 25 years, and clearly communicates the actual room temperatures of its products.

A logical step in the development of whole-body cryo goes beyond the products themselves, to creating individualized programs for the specific duration and frequency of use of our systems. It is easy to understand that a robust rugby player can enjoy the Vaultz experience longer than a delicately shaped prima ballerina! Numerous scientific studies also underline what can be concluded with a little common sense, and offer explanations of why customized protocols are so important.¹

For this reason, has evaluated various approaches to determine the optimal duration of use of our systems. A good operator can draw from a long experience with many customers; however, our claim goes further:

  • How can we define an optimal session duration for all operators?
  • How is this scientifically proven, comprehensible and repeatable everywhere?
  • And how does it meet the highest security standards?

Software Solution of ProCcare
Software Solution of ProCcare


The ProCcare® Solution is the only EU medically certified software for whole-body cryotherapy worldwide. The ProCcare method comprises five recurring steps:

1. Continuous growing data base with contribution of world wide experts

2. Looking into the study quality and overview of main results

3. Defining best practice guidelines and protocols

4. Unique individualization algorithm, based on the “Fiala Perceived Comfort (FPC)” model by and in exclusive collaboration with the world-renowned thermophysiologist Dusan Fiala

5. Research on method and proof-of-concept

ProCcare has many years of in-depth experience with the various manufacturers of cold chambers, cryo saunas, ice saunas and their products for whole-body cryotherapy, whole-body cryo stimulation, whole-body cryo treatment (WBC) and partial-body cryo (PBC).

Software Solution of ProCcare
Why individualized treatments?

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Fiala Perceived Comfort model

Martínez, N. et al. Validation of the thermophysiological model by Fiala for prediction of local skin temperatures. Int J Biometeorology 2016

Should whole body cryotherapy sessions be differentiated between women and men? A preliminary study on the role of the body thermal resistance. Med. Hypotheses 120, 60–64 (2018).² ²

Vaultz + ProCcare – MORE THAN COLD!

Whole body cryo and the highest caliber of treatment software – that is what Vaultz and ProCcare stand for.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that and ProCcare belong together, and an exclusive partnership was soon created. Together, we can achieve great results and offer users the best Vaultz experience.

An exclusive partnership was quickly decided.




Would you like to experience the dry cold of the Vaultz for yourself? Trained and certified staff will welcome you, then record your contact details, gender, and age as well as information on height, weight, your activity level and skin type. In addition, they’ll note your specific treatment goals in the areas of beauty, vitality, rehabilitation, sports performance or medicine. These details will help inform your individual treatment plan, which also takes into account your personal warmth perception.

Then you can enjoy the real Vaultz feeling, and you’ll soon see that -110 doesn’t feel as cold as you might have expected, since there is almost no humidity in the Vaultz! During the session, you can move slowly, stand still, stretch … and simply let the pleasantly tingling, dry cold work its magic on you. You’ll leave the Vaultz refreshed, full of energy, and feeling an indescribably pleasant glow.
That feeling will stay with you long after you leave the Vaultz, but regular use of the cold stimulation will help you achieve the best results.