More than cold


Spend just a few minutes at -110 ° C, and you’ll feel like a new person! The dry cold has a stimulating effect on the whole body and triggers various physical, nervous, cardiovascular and hormonal reactions. Spending time in the Vaultz activates systemic powers and ensures that you are balanced mentally and physically.

Whole-body cryotherapy in the Vaultz is not only used for prevention or pain relief, but also to accompany the healing process and increase well-being. In order to achieve optimal results, the exclusive ProCcare software supports your staff in defining the duration and frequency of use for each guest. The software uses a special algorithm, which is based on the well-validated “Fiala Perceived Comfort (FPC)” model, so that the duration in the Vaultz is set perfectly for each guest.


Wellness & Beauty

Health & Prevention

Sport & Fitness



In the following, we look at the ways cold treatment can be used in different settings.


Whole-body cryo in a medical environment can be used to relieve rheumatic and other pain, to increase physical or mental performance, and to improve the complexion. According to Professor Winfried Papenfuß, the conditions whole-body cryotherapy at -110 ° C is used for in a medical environment include inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and Bekhterev’s disease; degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis; cervical and lumbar vertebrae issues; tendinopathies like tennis elbow or plantar fasciitis; chronic stress pain such as recurring headaches or fibromyalgia; disrupted regulation of muscle tone from conditions such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, or strained muscles; blunt trauma of the joints and/or muscles; psoriasis; dermatitis; bronchial asthma; muscular fatigue; sleep disorders; performance issues; and circulation disorders. In short, whole-body cryotherapy can relieve rheumatic complaints or pain, increase physical and mental performance, and improve the complexion.


In sports science, the term whole-body cryo stimulation stands for the application of whole-body cryo without a medical indication.

In professional and high-performance sports, whole-body cryotherapy helps to shorten traumatic and postoperative rehabilitation phases and in pain management.

Sleep management, mental and physical balance as well as pre-cooling (performance build-up, especially agility and endurance), intermediate cooling (shortening the mandatory breaks in advanced training) and post-cooling (improved regeneration) can all be helped with whole-body cryo stimulation.

Vaultz is also used in modern fitness studios, health clubs and other sports facilities that want to offer their customers the ability to train like professionals.


Whole-body cryo treatments help exclusive spas stand out from the competition. Real wellness fans love the power of the cold, and will be drawn to the Vaultz, but those who are new to cryotherapy can be reassured that the brief cold stimulus feels like nothing more than a pleasant tingling on the skin’s surface.

Those who are more active will appreciate the positive effect of whole-body cold on fitness and well-being. But even those who prefer to relax will enjoy the beneficial effects of the Vaultz, which is easy to use and shows results in minutes. Those seeking the latest trends in wellness innovation will love the Vaultz, but even the traditionalist can be easily convinced; after all, Grandma treated all sorts of ailments with cold.

Guests who have experienced the Vaultz cannot get enough of it: their minds are released, they feel energetic, stress seems to disappear, and endorphins are released. And if your sore muscles are magically wiped out after the bike tour, you will remember it.

Cross-selling without limits

The Vaultz fits perfectly into the spa menu but can also be perfectly combined with fitness, leisure activities, wellness, beauty treatments, physiotherapy and group courses. There are no limits to cross-selling.

Vaultz-Pur (as a stand-alone treatment) – is a perfect welcome while the concierge has the luggage brought to a guest’s room, or as an ideal way to start an important day, or as a refreshment at the end of day and a way to have a good night’s sleep afterwards.

Vaultz can be offered as an individual treatment, a couple’s treatment or a group experience, and cryostimulation can be optimally combined with movement, manual therapy, beauty applications, spa applications, courses, leisure activities and even with mental training, yoga and meditation.

Extract of scientific publications

Extract of scientific publications on various application goals in the respective domain. The following overview shows a small part of the studies that our partner ProCcare uses in its software as a basis for the respective protocols.

  • Improve general well-being and quality of life (avoid depression, burn-out, migraines)
  • Feel revitalized
  • Enhance fitness, prepare the body for your specific type of training
  • Deal with sleep disorders and jet lag, sleep better at night
  • Relieve general pains – in muscle, tendons, and joints



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  • Assists anti-ageing processes, tighter skin and renewed elasticity
  • Affects weight loss by increasing metabolism



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  • Optimize recovery, decrease inflammation, muscle soreness, increase pain threshold
  • Help the body prepare for more intense training
  • Enhance sleep quality and duration
  • Support preparation, helping the body to counteract cold or warm environments



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  • Supports and optimizes the negative impact related to Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic back pain



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  • Supports and enhance recovery of musculoskeletal disorders; injuries or pain in the joints, ligaments, muscles,
  • nerves and tendons; muscle strains, rheumatism and/or arthritis
  • Supports and enhances recovery of systemic disorders, including cardiovascular disease, postural hypertension, obesity
  • Supports and enhances recovery of atopic disorders such as asthma, psoriasis, allergic hypersensitivity
  • Reduces stress while rehabilitating



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Whole-body cryotherapy in general



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