Art of Cryo’s unique Tec – Spa Module combines the high-performance cryo chambers with the Art of Cryo Flow System, the Multi Cryo-Hacking System and the high-precision measuring systems MCRC Vital X and 3D Body Scan.

High-performance cryo chambers from Art of Cryo in the Tec Spa module

As the world market leader in the construction of high-performance cryo chambers and under the motto “Only the best for our customers”, Art of Cryo builds the highest quality and most luxurious cryo chamber models. Under the single Vaultz range, Art of Cryo builds single-room cryo chambers that provide optimal cryotherapy in a space-saving and efficient way. Together with the multi-chamber cryo chamber models vario Vaultz V2 and V3, all areas of application of cryotherapy can be covered. For special solutions, Art of Cryo also offers the unical Vaultz product line. 

Combination applications in the Tec – Spa module

With the Art of Cryo Flow System and the Multi Cryo-Hacking System, Art of Cryo offers the perfect combination applications for cryotherapy. 
The Flow System is a unique application system that applies individualised sequenced positive and negative pressure to the lower half of the body to stimulate lymph flow, metabolism and regeneration, among other things.
The Multi Cryo-Hacking System combines far infrared, two red,two blue, two green lights, an extremely high concentration of NAIs, sophisticated air evacuation system, an aroma therapy module, stereo sound and privacy door. With 9 programmes for different fields of application, the needs of each customer can be individually responded to.

Measuring systems of the Tec – Spa module

In addition to the highly effective applications, the Tec – Spa module also contains the most modern measuring systems such as the MCRC Vital X and the 3D body scan.
The 3D body scan can perform a highly accurate posture analysis and measurement of the body within seconds. This allows the effectiveness of the Tec – Spa module to be proven and displayed. Clients can view their results in the RemediCool App and track their progress. 
With the MCRC Vital X, vital data can be measured and evaluated in real-time monitoring. Vital data such as heart rate variability, pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen saturation and oxygen desaturation are measured and evaluated in real time by the RemediCool software. 
For more information on the Tec – Spa module, high-performance cryo chambers and combination applications, please contact us personally.