Application observation in the field of combination therapies


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is already used in wound healing, to reduce swelling, renew blood vessels and stem cells and to promote collagen formation. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a cutting-edge application that already has a lot of study evidence for a wide variety of applications.

In the cold chamber test and research centre RemediCool, an application observation in the field of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in combination with cryotherapy in real high-performance cryo chambers from Art of Cryo will start in January. 

The application observation will be carried out by a scientific team of experts and students of the Sport University Cologne under the direction of Dr. Mona Soruglu. 

Real-time monitoring during hyperbaric oxygen therapy


With the MCRC Vital X, vital data such as heart rate variability, pulse, body temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and oxygen desaturation can be recorded during application in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber and transmitted to the RemediCool software / app.

Further combination applications in the Multi-Cryo-Health System

Already, the Multi-Cryo-Health System from Art of Cryo has several effective combination modules.

The Art of Cryo Flow System stimulates the flow in the body and thus supports the body in purifying and absorbing nutrients. Previous application observations showed an increased effect of lymphatic drainage when the application in the Flow System directly followed the cold application. In other programmes of the Flow System, a strong improvement of cellulite, varicose veins and spider veins was also observed.

With over 200 possible combinations in the areas of light applications, ionised oxygen, thermal applications and infrared applications, the Multi-CryoHacking System is a perfect complement to cryotherapy. 

Test and research centre Art of Cryo Lab in Sundern


In the first quarter of 2023, the unique test and research centre for cryotherapy and combination applications Art of Cryo Lab will open in Sundern, NRW. Prototypes are developed and tested in this research centre. With the opening of the test and research centre, Art of Cryo takes a further step in expanding its lead in the development of high-performance cryo chambers and combination applications.

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