The owners of the cryotherapy centre in Graz, Daniela Haider-Nopp and Markus Ruef, deliberately chose the most exclusive and highest quality cryotherapy chamber model, the single Vaultz V1 lux from Art of Cryo, when deciding on the right cryotherapy chamber. In making this decision, the owners relied on Art of Cryo’s more than 25 years of experience in building high-performance cryogenic chambers. The world’s most powerful single chamber system is particularly suitable for customers and patients with claustrophobia due to its unusual design. Due to the unique construction, stretching and movement exercises after surgical interventions and sports injuries can be carried out during the cold application in addition to cryo training and yoga exercises.

Unique in Graz – cryotherapy and combination applications


In the innovative and ultra-modern cryotherapy centre in Graz Andritz, all customers have access not only to the effective and efficient cryo application but also to combination therapies such as the Flow System. The overpressure and underpressure application system, in combination with classic cryotherapy, provides a variety of effective and positive application results in the areas of New Health, Beauty Health and Sport Performance.


Proof of the effect of the applications


By using the high-precision 3D body scanner in combination with the RemediCool App and the MCRC Vital X for vital data monitoring in real time, the effect of the individual application systems can be directly proven for all customers and patients in Graz. The 3D body scan creates an avatar of the body with millimetre precision in 45 seconds. This high-precision measurement method allows not only a posture analysis and the measurement of the individual body regions, but also the smallest body changes to be recorded and clearly documented and displayed in the RemediCool app.


MCRC Vital X – vital data monitoring in real time


In real-time monitoring, the MCRC Vital X records vital data such as heart rate variability, pulse, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, oxygen desaturation and body temperature before, during and after cold application. The results of the vital data monitoring are transmitted to the RemediCool App. Thus, in the future, the MCRC Vital X will support the calculation of application time, application repetition and application intensity for the entire Multi-Cryo-Health System.

Research and test centre Art of Cryo Lab in Sundern


Due to the close cooperation with the test centre Art of Cryo Lab in Sundern and the research centre RemediCool, all employees of the Multi-Cryo-Performance Center Cool Spa in Graz can also use all the special training and further education programme in the field of cryo – applications and combination applications also in the training centre in Sundern and thus guarantee all customers the highest standard of training also in the future.


The team of Art of Cryo is looking forward to a successful cooperation and wishes the team of Cool Spa in Graz a successful start into the world of cryo applications.


We would be happy to advise you personally on the subject of high-performance cryo chambers, real cryotherapy and the Multi-Cryo-Health-System.