Art of Cryo hosts CryoCon


On March 5 and 6, 2023, Art of Cryo will host the annual CryoCon at the Renaissance Dallas. CryoCon is the largest cryotherapy trade show in North America and brings together industry experts, cryo chamber manufacturers and cryo chamber operators. With various presentations and events on cryotherapy and cryo chambers, information and innovations from the world of cryotherapy are shared.


As host and sponsor of CryoCon, Art of Cryo will of course present the high performance cryo chambers as well as innovative combination applications.


Cryo chamber – manufacturer Art of Cryo


As the world leader in the construction of high performance cryogenic chambers, Art of Cryo offers three product lines that cover all needs of cryogenic chamber operators and all applications of cryotherapy. The single Vaultz single chamber model V1 lux is the perfect entry level model. With its large interior and glass front, the V1 lux is suitable even for customers with slight claustrophobia. The pre-chambers of the vario Vaultz models V2 and V3 are used to dry residual moisture from the air and on the skin. Art of Cryo also offers individual special solutions with the unical Vaultz. Whether cold chambers for yachts, mobile cold chambers or something completely new – Art of Cryo works together with you on the optimal cryo chamber – special solution. 


Combination applications in the Multi-Cryo-Health System


The Multi-Cryo-Health System by Art of Cryo has, in addition to the high-performance cryogenic chambers, various possible combination applications, through which the effects of cryotherapy can be intensified and supplemented.


These include, among others, the Multi-CryoHacking system. A world novelty, which combines 4 combination applications in one application. With light applications, thermal applications, ionized oxygen and aroma application, the Multi-CryoHacking system offers a unique wellness experience that can be used in a variety of ways for Beauty Health, New Health and Sport Performance. More information about the Multi-CryoHacking system will follow soon.


Multi-Cryo-Health Software RemediCool for a safe application


The Multi-Cryo-Health Software RemediCool calculates the optimal application time, application repetition and application intensity based on a detailed vital sheet. In addition, the app documents and evaluates the applications and results from the high-precision measurement systems such as the 3D body scan, the respiratory gas analysis and the MCRC Vital X.


In the future, the MCRC Vital X will support the RemediCool software in the calculation. In real-time monitoring, the MCRC Vital X measures vital data such as pulse, heart rate variability, body temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and oxygen desaturation.


Art of Cryo Lab Sundern test and research center


In the first quarter of 2023, Art of Cryo’s in-house test and research center will open in Sundern. All cryo chamber models and combination applications can be tested there. In addition, new prototypes will be tested and developed there.