Cryotherapy Cologne – Coolzoone


In the unique cold chamber center Coolzoone in Cologne two high-performance cryotherapy chambers of Art of Cryo are used: The cold chamber models V1 and V1 lux with real and stable -75°C and -85°C respectively. Real and stable means that the temperatures displayed on the screen also correspond to the actual temperatures in the chamber, and the temperatures only drop by a few Kelvin during the day. Coolzoone also has all the combination applications of the Multi-Cryo-Health System: the Art of Cryo Flow System for effective lymphatic drainage and the Multi-Cryo-Health System, which offers over 200 combination applications through light therapy, infrared therapy, thermotherapy and ionized oxygen. Of course, to prove the effect of cryotherapy, the latest and most precise measurement and diagnostic systems are used, such as the 3D Body Scanner, the Thermo Diagnostic Scan and the MCRC Vital X to record vital data in real-time monitoring. With metabolic analysis by breathing gas, individual nutrition and training plans can also be created in Cologne.


The cryotherapy chamber center Coolzoone Cologne conducts application observations and collaborates with physicians and students of the Cologne Sports University to prove the effect of cryotherapy, to optimize and further develop cryotherapy and combination applications, and is always working on new prototypes for combination applications and diagnostic systems. The center also trains certified cryotherapy specialists and conducts continuing education for the staff of other cryotherapy chambers.


Coolzoone is also a partner of the International University and provides German scholarships for the German Sports University to support and train young academics in Germany.


Cryotherapy Essen – JustCryo


The cold chamber center JustCryo in Essen already has a high-performance cryotherapy chamber V1 lux from Art of Cryo. In January, another high-performance cryotherapy chamber will be added as part of expansion work. In addition, the center has a 3D body scanner to prove the cryotherapy effect. The physiotherapy practice integrated into the premises also opens up unique combination therapy possibilities in order to be able to provide customers and patients with the best possible care.

Cryotherapy Aschaffenburg – Cool Down


Cool Down in Aschaffenburg has a high-performance cryotherapy chamber V1 lux from Art of Cryo and is currently the only cryotherapy center in Bavaria that offers real cryotherapy. With the Multi-Cryo-Health System, Cool Down brings a unique cryotherapy and combination application concept to Aschaffenburg. The Art of Cryo Flow System for effective lymphatic drainage and the Multi-CryoHacking System with light therapy, thermotherapy, infrared therapy and ionized oxygen open up more than 200 combination possibilities in addition to cryotherapy.


Cryotherapy Klagenfurt – Coolzoone


The successful cold chamber and performance center Coolzoone Klagenfurt has of course also high-performance cryotherapy chambers from Art of Cryo to offer a real and effective cryotherapy. Only a few months after the opening of the center, the capacities of the cryotherapy chamber were already used to capacity, therefore an enlargement conversion took place this year. The center now has another cryotherapy chamber, an Art of Cryo Flow system, a 3D body scan and a respiratory gas analysis.

Cryotherapy Zurich – Cryoduct


With the vario Vaultz V3, the cryotherapy chamber center Cryoduct offers cold treatments at -110°C. The V3 has two pre-chambers, which serve to dry the skin and keep humidity out of the main chamber. In addition to cryotherapy, Cryoduct also offers lymphatic drainage in the Art of Cryo Flow system, as well as accurate body measurement using the 3D body scanner.


Cryotherapy Berlin – real cryotherapy now also in the capital city


In the Benedikt von Behr practice, cryotherapy-interested and -enthusiasts can from now on experience real cryotherapy at -85°C. Due to the expertise of the team of the physiotherapy practice, customers and patients with chronic pain and medical application fields are well advised.


Cryotherapy Frankfurt – doctorfrost


On more than 200 sqm in Frankfurt’s city center, the cold chamber and performance center doctorfrost has three high-performance cryotherapy chambers. Two single Vaultz V1 lux with -85°C and a two-chamber system vario Vaultz V2 with -110°C. Thus, doctorfrost covers all application fields of cryotherapy and is an official race site of MCRC AG. In addition, doctorfrost offers effective lymphatic drainage and proof of the cryotherapy effect with the 3D Bodyscan. Unique to doctorfrost is the offer of cryolipolysis, which allows to treat targeted areas of the body.

Cryotherapy  Kitzbuehel / Kirchberg – Cryo Race Center Kitzbuehel


The unique Cryo Race Center Kitzbuehel is being built on an area of over 500 square meters. With a breathtaking panoramic view directly from the cryotherapy chamber, rooms for lectures and a separate cinema room, the Cryo Race Center is a special experience. With three high-performance cryotherapy chambers from Art of Cryo and all modules of the Multi-Cryo-Health System, the Cryo Race Center can cover all fields of application. With the most modern measuring and diagnostic systems such as the 3D body scan, the Medical Thermo Diagnostic Scan, the respiratory gas analysis and the MCRC Vital X for real time monitoring, the Cryo Race Center is also a research center with all possibilities to prove the effect of cryotherapy and combination applications.


The cryotherapy chamber center can also be reached from Innsbruck, Munich and Salzburg with a travel time of about one hour. These cities do not yet have a real high-performance cryotherapy chamber. So it is worth planning a day trip, weekend getaway or even a short vacation in Kitzbuehel for this special experience.


RemediCool Software / App to control the applications


All cold chamber centers with real high-performance cryotherapy chambers receive the RemediCool software / app. The software calculates the optimal application time, application intensity and application repetition based on data such as body size, gender, age and application area. Results of the 3D body scan, the vital data analysis of the MCRC Vital X, nutrition and training plans created by the metabolic analysis as well as the cryotherapy and lymphatic drainage applications are available in the app. Use of the app is free for the centers’ clients.


For further questions about the most successful cryotherapy chamber centers and future openings, please do not hesitate to contact us personally: