Starting 11 February real cryotherapy will be attainable for all Salzburger in less than an hour drive


In Kirchberg – Kitzbuehel, the world’s largest and most innovative Multi-Cryo-Health Performance Center is being built on an area of 500 square meters. This unique center is only a short drive away for all health-conscious Salzburgers.

The center not only offers all application systems of the Multi-Cryo-Health System by Art of Cryo and RemediCool, but is also suitable for lectures and events and has its own cinema hall.

For this special experience, it is worth taking a day or weekend trip or short vacation from Salzburg and the surrounding area.


For our customers and patients only the best with high-performance cryotherapy chambers from Art of Cryo


In order to be able to offer customers and patients the best in the field of cryotherapy, the Mitterer family made a conscious decision to use the high-performance cryotherapy chambers from Art of Cryo. The Cryo Race Center is therefore equipped with two single Vaultz V1 lux high-performance cryotherapy chambers. This exclusive single chamber model with a noble stainless steel design by Antonio Capristo offers a spacious interior and a large glass door, so that even people with slight claustrophobia can enjoy real cryotherapy at -85°C. In addition, the center has a multi-chamber system vario Vaultz V2 with real and stable -110°C. Every field of application of cryotherapy can be covered in this way.


Lymphatic drainage and combined applications with the Multi-Cryo-Health System


In addition to real cryotherapy, the MCRC Race Center Kirchberg – Kitzbuehel has all the modules of the Multi-Cryo-Health System. With two Art of Cryo Flow systems, the center can offer effective lymphatic drainage. The Multi-CryoHacking system opens the possibility for over 200 possible combination applications. The system combines light therapy, infrared therapy, thermotherapy and ionized oxygen. The combination applications complement and enhance the effect of cryotherapy.

State-of-the-art measurement and diagnostic systems


Of course, the Cryo Race Center Kirchberg – Kitzbuehel also has the most modern measurement and diagnostic systems such as the 3D body scanner, metabolic analysis by breathing gas, the Medical Thermo Diagnostics System and the MCRC Vital X. The data is documented in the RemediCool software / app and can be viewed there by customers and patients. In the future, application duration, application intensity and application repetition will be calculated and all modules of the Multi-Cryo-Health System will be controlled on the basis of the vital data recorded by the MCRC Vital X in real-time monitoring before, during and after the cold application.

The Cryo Race Center is also testing and developing new prototypes in cooperation with the RemediCool cryotherapy chamber and research center and students from the Cologne Sports University.

The whole team of Art of Cryo is looking forward to a good cooperation with the Multi-Cryo-Health-Performance Center Kirchberg – Kitzbuehel.


We are happy to inform you about the topics high-performance cryotherapy chamber and Multi-Cryo-Health systems like the Flow System.