Real-time monitoring in the Multi-Cryo-Health System

The MCRC Vital X was developed by MCRC AG, based in Vaduz. In real-time monitoring, vital data such as pulse, heart rate variability, blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen saturation and oxygen desaturation are measured. The results are transmitted to the RemediCool software / app and documented. A highly complex algorithm is used to evaluate the data.

In the future, the MCRC Vital X will support the calculation and control of application time, application repetition and application intensity of all applications in the Multi-Cryo-Health System such as the high-performance cryotherapy chambers, the Multi-CryoHacking System and the Art of Cryo Flow System in real time.

Real cryotherapy in high-performance cryotherapy chambers from Art of Cryo


With 28 years of experience, Art of Cryo is the world leader in the manufacture of high-performance cryotherapy chambers. With three product lines, Art of Cryo meets the needs of all cryo chamber operatives.

The single Vaultz V1 and V1 lux single-chamber systems are designed for space-saving installation. The V1 lux has a large interior that allows for comfortable cryotherapy even for people with claustrophobia and is also suitable for stretching exercises. Above all, the V1 is a perfect model for beginners in cryotherapy, here the cooling unit is located directly next to the chamber.

With the multi-chamber systems vario Vaultz V2 and V3, up to 6 people can experience effective cryotherapy at real -110°C at the same time. With up to two pre-chambers, residual moisture evaporates from the skin, only a little humidity enters the application room and the application temperature remains very stable.

Special solutions are also possible. With the unical Vaultz line, Art of Cryo has already produced special solutions for professional sports, mobile cryotherapy chambers and yachts.

The Multi-CryoHacking system – over 200 possible combinations.


The modern dry sauna with up to 65 °C also offers light applications, oxygen applications, infrared applications and thermal applications. Thus, the Multi-CryoHacking system offers over 200 combination applications for cryotherapy. The Multi-CryoHacking System covers all fields of application in the areas of Beauty Health, New Health and Performance. It is thus a perfect complement to lymphatic drainage and cryotherapy.


Lymphatic Drainage – Art of Cryo Flow System


Originally designed for space medicine, the Flow System stimulates flow in the body to help the body purify and absorb nutrients. Application observations carried out with the company’s own test and research centres as well as students from the Sports University of Cologne showed a significantly stronger effect when lymphatic drainage in the Flow System followed cryotherapy. Other programmes showed a significant improvement in cellulite, spider veins and varicose veins after only a few applications. The Flow System is also used for regeneration after sports and for post-operative regeneration.


Further measuring and diagnostic systems in the Multi-Cryo-Health System


In addition to the unique MCRC Vital X, the Multi-Cryo-Health System has other measuring and diagnostic systems to prove the effect of cryotherapy. The high-precision 3D body scan creates an exact avatar of the body within a few seconds and performs a posture analysis. With the Thermo Diagnostic Scan, even the smallest temperature changes in the limbs can be detected and documented. In addition, an individual and dynamic nutrition and training plan can be created for each client and patient in the future through the metabolic analysis.


All data from the measuring and recording systems are transferred to the RemediCool software / app and documented there.


Test and research centre Art of Cryo Lab in Sundern


In the first quarter of 2023, the unique test and research centre for cryo and combination therapies will open in Sundern, NRW. This unique research centre naturally tests prototypes and develops new product variants in the field of combination therapies for classic cryotherapy. With the opening of the research centre in Sundern, Art of Cryo has succeeded in taking a further step in expanding its lead in the field of cryotherapy and further development for spa application systems.


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